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Health Care - Tax with Integrity

Health Care

We’re committed to serving those who care for others. If you’re a healthcare professional you’re dedicated to helping those in need. At Tax with Integrity we are focused to giving you the help you deserve.

Why are we the trusted choice?

Our origins are in the NSW Health System advising and assisting healthcare professionals at tax time over many years. We know that the busy people in the hospitals are also the busiest people in the country so we’re committed to making tax as easy as possible for you online or through our mobile tax service.
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Do you know what you’re entitled to?

  • Education expenses
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Uniform costs
  • Work related subscriptions
  • Many travel costs
  • Donations to charity
  • Your tax agent’s bill
  • And much more

Tax returns are not just about simple deductions; they’re about planning for your overall long term financial wellbeing. From salary sacrificing to investment strategies, we’ll show you how to get your tax back into good health for now and into the future. That’s why we’re the trusted Medical Tax Specialists:


All doctors, from junior medical staff to senior professionals work round the clock and don’t have time to organise Meir years’ of tax. We’ll help you navigate the hospital software, ensure your private patient billing and hospital facility fees are accounted for and make sure you claim all the expenses you are entitled to, saving you time and money.


Whether full time, part time, agency or casual staff, we know you’re overworked and time poor.
We’ll make sure all expenses, including further education, research and working from home is reflected in your tax return. We’ll get your tax done online, at work or at your home.

Allied Health Professionals

You hardworking professionals have unique circumstances and tax issues. Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re facing a complex tax return, starting your own practice or hoping to improve your business performance, we have answers to your situation.

Health Managers

We are aware that you have every busy work style, frequently take work home, invest heavily in further education, and the conferences you attend are professional network building events. Because of tight health system budgets, These activities are usually self funded. Let us prepare your tax returns and claim these and other costs specific to you.

Traditional Health Professionals

We can help every traditional, alternative and complementary practitioner grow their small business – through accounting support, better business structures and more efficient tax. You have highly specialised knowledge and so do we.

Tax with Integrity

Tax with Integrity