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We want you to get everything you’re entitled to. We’ll help you get more back, submitting your tax correctly and taking out the stress for you. Want to get that tax return over and done with?

Here’s how you can get it completed:

1. Send us your personal details and group certificate to start the process.
2. We’ll give you a phone call to discuss you specific situation and all the deductions you can claim on your tax return, to save you money.
3. We’ll quote a fixed fee so you know what it costs up front before you commit.
4. If you’re happy to proceed you’ll receive your tax return within 14 days (in most circumstances).
One email, one phone call – that’s it. Your tax is done for the year
Don’t wait.
Contact us today.

Want to maximise your benefits and avoid a Tax Audit? Here’s what you can do:

1. Keep your receipts (preferably in category and month order) for all the expenses claimed through the Tax Return.
2. Use your credit card whenever you are buying something you think may be tax deductible. The monthly statement is great evidence if you then wish to claim it (and also a useful reminder to claim the expense)
3. Call us before any major financial decision to find out what the tax implications are. Getting it wrong could cost you a lot of money.

If you want a simple list almost everything you can deduct, ask us and we’ll send it to you.

Tax with Integrity

Tax with Integrity