Investment & Wealth

A Self-Managed Super Fund does more than just give you control of your Superannuation. It comes with a number of advantages. These include:
- Multiple Members: You can include all your family within the fund.
- Flexibility: You can take advantage of situations as they arise.
- Opportunities:An SMSF is allowed to borrow money under strict conditions.
- Tax concessions. All earnings and contributions are taxed at 15%.
- Asset Protection: Assets within the SMSF is protected from creditors if a member becomes bankrupt.
- Estate planning opportunities: Benefits are paid out in accordance with the wishes of the member.
- Lower Fees: Generally lower admin costs than retail super funds.
- Early Access: In important situations such as terminal illness, permanent incapacity or severe financial hardship.

Before you decide to set up a SMSF there are a number of decisions to make. We can walk you through all the options. So if you’re considering a Self-Managed Super Fund, it’s time to talk to us.