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Personal insolvency numbers spike across Australia

Persoanl Insolvency Increasing

New statistics from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) have revealed that business-related personal insolvencies are on the rise across much of the country, with one mid-tier concerned that numbers could continue to rise.

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ATO cracking down on taxable fringe benefits

More Scrutiny Fbt

The ATO is scrutinising organisations’ taxable fringe benefits, with a specific focus on customer loyalty programs, ride-sharing services and utility vehicles, according to a mid-tier.

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Intangible capital improvements made to a pre-CGT asset

Intangible Assets

The Australian Taxation Office has issued an opinion regarding “parts” of an asset which many advisers consider controversial. 

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The three core pillars of this year’s budget

Budget 2017

The following links give you access to the specific issues and topics addressed in the 2017-18 Budget.

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Federal Budget – 2017-18 – Overview

Budget 2017 1

Comprehensive Budget overview : 27 sections covering every aspect of this year's Budget plus 6 Appendix of support information.

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Federal Budget – 2017-18 – Budget documents

Budget 2017 2

For those who like to 'get under the bonnet'

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When does an asset cost less than $20,000? Depreciating assets: composite items

When Does Asset Cost Less Than 20000

Draft Taxation Ruling TR 2017/D1 sets out the Commissioner of Taxation’s views on how to determine if an entire composite item is a depreciating asset or whether its component parts are separate depreciating assets. 

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Asset write off $20,000 ceases shortly

Asset Write Off

Small businesses eligible currently fort the $20,000 immediate write off need to remember this ceases shortly.

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ATO finalises guidance for capped defined income streams

Sg Compliance Crackdown

The ATO has released a finalised version of LCG 2017/D1 which outlines how the defined benefit income cap applies to certain superannuation income stream pensions, and contains more expansive examples, according to one technical expert.

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Warning on trap with trust deed updates

Trust Deed Updating

With many SMSF trustees requiring changes to their trust deed following the reforms to super, an industry lawyer has stressed the importance of reviewing the history of trust deeds.

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2011 Census – what was the make up of your area?

Census Data Your Area

The following link is a handy ABS tool if you want to see the demographic make-up of the area you lived as recorded in the 2011 Census.  2016 Census information starts becoming available from June 2017.

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It’s no secret that Australians have some of the largest houses in the world.

Downsizing Trends

While recent figures show a year on year increase in average floor size of our already large homes, our houses are actually not as big as they used to be.

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ATO defends approach to SG compliance

Sg Compliance Crackdown 1

Following calls for the ATO to overhaul its approach to the issue of unpaid super, the tax office has pointed to the significant resources dedicated to super guarantee compliance and the billions in entitlements that have been transferred to employer accounts.

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Essential steps for SMSF clients before 30 June

Essential Steps

On 1 July 2017, the biggest changes to the super rules in a decade will come into effect. What are the basic steps to tick off with clients before then?

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New tax incentives for early stage investors

Early Stages

On 5 May 2016, the Tax Laws Amendment (Tax Incentives for Innovation) Act 2016, which includes the tax incentives for early stage investors, received Royal Assent.

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ATO on ‘aggressive’ debt recovery hunt

Ato Aggressive Debt Recovery

The ATO is showing no signs of easing up on its crackdown on companies owing money and pushing them into insolvency if required, with one mid-tier firm citing a recent spike in insolvencies. 

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More ATO downtime looms ahead of tax time

More Ato Downtime

One national accounting network has accepted the need for additional downtime in the wake of the ATO's massive digital crash, but is demanding that the ATO ensures a “robust IT platform” for accountants as we move in to tax time.

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Tax debt release applications refused

Application Rejected

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has recently refused the applications of two individuals who sought to be released from their tax debts under the tax law.

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Troublesome tax system overhaul picks up speed

Troublesome Tax System Overhaul

The Inspector-General of Taxation has revealed the scope of his review into the way taxpayers pay tax on their business or investment income, following a spate of complaints about the inefficiencies with the current system.

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Government to ‘put to bed’ uncertainties with TRIS

Which Way

As part of its raft of slated changes, the government has foreshadowed a legislative change that will confirm …. 

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Travel expense and transport of bulky tools claim denied

Travel Expenses Refused

An individual has been unsuccessful before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal claiming work-related travel expenses. 

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New law sheds light on global tax issues

New Law Global Tax Issues

Yesterday, the government passed the Diverted Profits Tax through the Senate, however one of the major accounting bodies has highlighted that multinational tax avoidance is an issue that needs to be dealt with globally.

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Report tips housing price spikes to wipe out super savings

Super House Prices

Declining outright home ownership will effectively wipe out superannuation savings of some Australians, leading to a higher reliance on the government and taxpayers in retirement, according to a recent report.

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Impending GST changes good news for SMEs

Impending Gst Changes


Two mid-tier partners have said that the changes to GST introduced to Parliament last week is a good first step in helping Australian SMEs compete with overseas entities.

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SMSF related-party borrowing arrangements

Smsf Related Borrowing

Will a borrowing arrangement by a SMSF pass the smell test?

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Primary Producer Income Tax Averaging

Primary Producer Wheat

Legislation has been introduced in Parliament that proposes to allow primary producers to return to income tax averaging 10 income years after choosing to opt out, instead of the opt-out choice being permanent. 

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Active vs passive assets and the small business CGT concession

Active Passive


The small business capital gains tax concessions are extremely valuable, and for small business owners who need to dispose of assets that have risen in value during the time they have owned them, accessing these concessions can mean greatly reducing any consequent tax liability, even to zero.

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ATO issues further taxpayer alerts on key focus areas

R And D Issues


The ATO is continuing to crack down on the incorrect use of the Research & Development Tax Incentive program, issuing an additional two taxpayer alerts.

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Borrowed money to pay a business tax debt? Is the interest deductible?

Borrow To Pay Tax Debt


It was about 1990 when the ATO was asked about the tax deductibility of interest on a loan a business may have taken out to repay a tax debt. 

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Online Selling

Online Selling


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) continues to increase their surveillance activity and utilize the electronic data bases of on-line sellers.

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The dangers of income splitting

Danger Income Splitting


Now and then the ATO issues warnings on how its general anti-avoidance legislation can apply to professional firms that allocate profits to individual professional practitioners with proprietorship in the firm.

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Clients failing on depreciation front – property investment

Failing To Understand Depreciation

Several tax specialists and national mid-tiers have found clients are struggling to understand their rights and benefits associated with depreciation, …

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Home office deductions: What substantiation will the ATO accept?

Home Office Deductions


Home office expense claims are subject to the same general substantiation requirements as other deductions – that is, it is a requirement that records should be kept for at least five years.

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ATO advises accountants on client data swoop

Client Data Swwop


The ATO is urging accountants to inform clients that it is ramping up its data collection from financial institutions and online selling sites for use in its data-matching programs.

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ATO issues stern reminder on new backpacker tax

New Tax


Accountants with SME clients should be urging them to recall the new deadlines for employees on working visas to ensure compliance.

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Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery


All is not lost if you have a judgement against a debtor, but you know they have no assets.

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Government takes next step in tax cheats crackdown

Tax Cheat Crackdown


The Turnbull government has launched an invitation for public comment to the Black Economy Taskforce ahead of an interim report in March, in an effort to stamp out tax evasion and loopholes.

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Car salary packages and the deductibility of after-tax running costs

Car Salary Packaging


Including a car in a salary package is a popular remuneration arrangement, and doing so as part of a salary sacrifice package will often give rise the a “novated lease”.  

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Choosing an Executor

Choosing Executor


Obligations and responsibilities of an executor are significant.  Their decisions can be monumental.

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ATO fires warning shots at cash economy exploiters

Ato Warning Shot


The ATO has warned businesses in the cash economy are a major focus area for the regulator as it ramps up its scrutiny of third party data, in an effort to ensure  a fair marketplace for businesses doing the right thing.

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Getting a tax valuation from the ATO

Ato Tax Valuation


We all know that the ATO is the guardian of the tax laws, administers tax regulations and can provide advice and guidance on how they apply. But ….

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5 tips to get home office deductions right

Home Office


You might be sick of the daily commute, or want more flexibility of hours – or it could be that you have a talent or skill and feel sure that this can translate into a fulfilling career in your own business.

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Big-ticket tax set for government review

Big Ticket Scrutiny 1


The government has announced it will make moves to ensure that multinationals pay the appropriate amount of tax on their activities in Australia.

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FBT – Christmas Parties and Taxi Fares

Christmas Taxi


Some employers, who are commendably anxious to protect their employees and clients from the drink/driving laws, also pay for taxis to take employees to and from the place of entertainment.

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Employee Christmas Parties and Gifts – Any FBT?

Christmas Party


The Christmas break-up party and/or gifts to employees can be exempt from Fringe Benefits if a few rules are followed.

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‘Beware the tax man’ eyeing holiday period activity

Beware The Tax Man


The ATO is poised to home in on fringe benefits tax (FBT) on celebrations and gifts this festive season, according to one mid-tier firm.

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Merry Christmas for 2016, a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017.



To all our clients and friends, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, a restful break and a prosperous 2017

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Research reveals key to ‘high-performing’ firms

Key High Perfomring


New research from Macquarie, surveying hundreds of small to mid-tier accounting firms, has identified the points of difference of firms effectively driving growth and profitability.

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Late payments hitting SMEs hard

Late Payments


Late client payments are having an increasingly significant impact on the personal finances of SME owners and often affecting their ability to cover basic business expenses, new research from MYOB has found.

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Estate planning issues flagged with $1.6m pension transfer cap

Estate Planning Issues


SMSF practitioners are being urged to consider fresh estate planning issues that have surfaced since the proposed introduction of the $1.6 million pension cap.

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