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Registered Tax Agent Sydney


Gerard Viswasam, Director of Tax with Integrity, is a public accountant and a Sydney registered tax agent. He is based in Kogarah in the St. George area of Sydney. Tax with Integrity provides its services on the internet as well as a premium mobile service across all suburbs of Sydney.

This Sydney registered tax agent provides the full range of electronic lodgement services with the Australian Taxation Office for all their clients, from simple and complex income tax returns for individuals and businesses to business activity statements and other tax services.
While there are many Sydney registered tax agents, you can be assured that Tax with Integrity is dedicated to providing a full range of services that is tailored to your specific needs and getting the best possible tax outcomes every year.

The Australian Taxation Office is currently focused on collecting revenue and has a program of selecting tax returns for investigation and audit. They have many sophisticated electronic tools as well as access to data from banks, financial institutions and all government departments (such as the RTA and Land Titles Offices). Getting your tax affairs in order has never been as critical and Tax with Integrity, the Sydney registered tax agent with a philosophy of getting it right will provide you with the peace of mind that any audit by the Tax Office will be dealt with successfully .

Tax with Integrity

Tax with Integrity